arrl field day
Waltham Amateur Radio Association & Clay Center Amateur Radio Club
Field Day 2009
About the WARA / CC-ARC Field Day

The ARRL Field Day is an annual event intended to help hams get their equipment and their operating skills in good shape for emergency communication. It is also a major social event for many ham radio clubs. And though the on-the-air activity sounds a lot like a contest, FD is not considered to be a contest and participants need no prior contesting experience.

Since the Waltham ARA is known primarily as a repeater club, one might not expect much interest in the ARRL Field Day. But that is an incorrect impression.  In 2008, we did our first joint venture FD with the Clay Center Amateur Radio Club, and it went very well indeed. It was WARA's 70th anniversary, attended by 17 enthusiastic participants (see 2008 Results). There was much interest in making this FD partnership an annual activity, and plans began for 2009 while we were still cleaning up the 2008 operation.

Field Day is a lot of fun, so keep June 27 & 28, 2009 free on your calendar.