WARA/CC-ARC Field Day 2008

The Form

Last updated 5/3/08

If you would like to participate the Waltham ARA / Clay Center ARC Field Day this year, it would be very helpful if you could copy the following form into an email message, fill it out, and email it to w1mj@arrl.net. If you prefer, you may contact Eliot by telephone, 617-484-1089.



Email (if other than the "From" address of your email):

Planned Participation Period ("setup through cleanup", "Saturday only", etc.):

Stuff I Can Bring
Please note anything that is "iffy", e.g. a generator that will be available but only if I manage to rebuild the engine in my non-existent free time.

Radios & Accessories (tuners, microphones, keyers, paddles, SWR meters or analyzers, bandpass filters):

Antennas, Feedline, and Rope:

Station Infrastructure (generators, long and short AC cables and power strips, batteries, tents, tables, chairs):

Camping & Cooking Gear (tents, canopies, stoves, lanterns, etc.):


Suggestions, Preferences, etc. (ideas for meals & snacks, operating shift requests, whatever):


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