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Field Day 2006

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The WB5JMJ Upper Field

When: Saturday, June 24 - Sunday, June 25, 2006


WB5JMJ's Upper & Lower Fields
5 Kimball Road
Hancock, NH

The site is about 1.5 hours drive from
Waltham in the scenic Monadnock region
of southern New Hampshire.


All club members, and their friends and families, are welcomed to participate in the 2006 WARA Field Day (FD). You don't have to be a contest operator or have HF privileges. In fact, you don't even need a license to participate, as you can operate with one of the club's Advanced or Extra class licensees as the control operator. On-site training will be provided (see also Contesting 101).

For rules and other information about the ARRL Field Day, click here. For more information about the 2006 WARA Field Day philosophy and plans, click here, or contact General Chairman Eliot Mayer, W1MJ.

General Chairman: Eliot Mayer,W1MJ, w1mj@arrl.net, 617-484-1089

Station Chairman: Steve Russell, WA1HUD, kbr56@aol.com

Chief Cook & Bottle Washer: Rick, N1HID, n1hid@comcast.net

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Field Day Site Map & Information

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Weather Forecast for Hancock, NH

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Contesting 101 (for printable version in .pdf format, click here)

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