WARA 2006 Field Day Plans


Updated 6/21/06

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From Waltham, MA

Take Rt 95 (Rt 128) N to Rt 2 W.

At the Concord Rotary, take Rt 119 W.

Go under Rt 495, continue to Townsend, past Rt 13. Just after the Settle Shop, turn right at the green signs that say "New Ipswich / Greenfield ". This is Canal St., and will change names a few times and become Rt 124.

Go about 12 miles, turn right on Route 123 at the "Y" intersection. Note: There are earlier Rt 123 / Rt 123A intersections... don't take them...you will recognize the correct one as a "Y" intersection after going through New Ipswich center and passing the Windblown Cross-Country Ski Touring Center on the left.

Go about 5 miles, then turn left on Rt 101. Caution: Dangerous intersection - Watch for speeding cars on Rt 101.

Go 1.4 miles down the hill to Peterborough, then turn right on Rt 202.

Go 7.5 miles, turn right on Kimball Rd (the road to the left is Norway Hill Rd). Note: Kimball Rd. is 4.5 miles past the EMS store, and 0.2 miles after passing the second of two blinking light intersections.

The FD site is behind 5 Kimball Rd. (WB5JMJ's QTH), the first house on the right, just after the tree line. You can pull into the driveway to unload your gear, and will then be directed to the parking area.

From North of Boston

If Rt 2 is south of your QTH, you may prefer to take Rt 3 N to Nashua NH, then Rt 101A W to Rt 101 W. Proceed past Rt 123 on the L, and then follow the directions above to Rt 202, etc.

From Elsewhere

Mapquest Directions


We will try to provide talk-in on the Waltham 146.64 MHz repeater and on 146.49 MHz simplex, but please do not rely on these frequencies being monitored throughout the weekend. We have a fairly small crew for our 2A plus Satellite/VHF effort, and cannot guarantee staffing of the talk-in station.

We suggest you bring a road map in case you get off track. As shown in the directions above, we are just off Rt 202, 7.5 miles from Rt 101 in Peterborough, NH. If you do get hopelessly lost, and can't contact the talk-in station, try calling Mike's house by telephone, 603-525-3355.

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